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inspHire adds Asset Tracker

Rental software supplier inspHire has launched a new asset tracking functionality ‘Asset Tracker’ that integrates with popular telematics systems such as Trackunit, JCB LiveLink and CanTrack.

The Asset Tracker runs alongside inspHire’s centralised telematics data within its rental management software. Bringing the two systems together allows users to view and cross reference their telematics and hire data quickly on a single screen. Tracking the location via GPS trackers, recording equipment usage such as inputs and hours of operation as well as live meter readings. It also amalgamates the locations of all the company’s equipment onto a single map view, using integrated Google Maps.

Users can now pinpoint where their equipment is on a map based on the current contract information, define a radius for each depot or job site, and drill into specifics. Having quick access to live, accurate information allows users to more easily plan the movement of equipment between sites, optimise depot transfers and charging periods, whilst improving customer service.

As part of the integration, Trackunit, JCB Live Link and CanTrack can be opened directly from within the inspHire system, eradicating the need to have two systems open at once whilst also making advanced telematics data easy to access.

The development has been driven by the increasing usage and importance of telematics data in the equipment rental industry. inspHire says that it is confident that it will radically improve asset management and therefore be of substantial value to its customers.
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insHire's Asset Tracker function amalgamates data from popular telematics systems with its rental software suite

Head of sales Mark Taylor said: “It needs to do two things. First, it’s important that the development adds value to businesses that are not using telematics systems. Today, hire businesses require a system that collates accurate information in one easy to access, visual screen. The second part of the development would unify telematics data with inspHire maximising equipment utilisation taking it to the next level.”