Who knows the manufacturer?

Spotted by a reader based in the USA, a ladder platform mounted on a Citroen HY chassis – for sale in the UK.
The ladder boom extended

The platform is one of a type delivered in volume to France’s national utility EDF/EDG in the 1960s. This one dates from 1963 and is fully operational. It was renovated at some time to be used as an advertising vehicle for Mazda lighting products.
The platform was very simple and reliable

A side view

Ladder detail

We initially thought that the platform was built by Riffaud, which made this type of platform for the fire service but are no longer sure of that. A scale model of this platform was built by Hachette during the 1960s, and restored models have appeared at specialist classic vehicle shows. We wonder is any of our readers might be able to identify this manufacturer?
One of the scale models

A renovated EDF platform

Have a fun weekend


AC/CC man
I have spotted on a Belgian website www.oldtimerfarm.be a similar HY 72 with a ladder, there are some pictures of the Andre Citroen serial plate and a second one from , B.D.R.-RONEO from Paris, could that be a possibility ??

Jun 5, 2018
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