ALE completes heaviest lift

An ALE AL.SK350 crane has carried out one of the heaviest lifts in the Americas, at a plant in Texas, USA.

The crane lifted a 2,890 tonne MRU module at a radius of 31.4 metres on a 124 metre boom with 4,000 tonnes of ballast at radius of 49 metres. The lift was the second of three heavy module lifts at the project in Ingleside, the third lift is scheduled early next month. The AL.SK350 was able to reach all three lifts from a single location, saving time on rigging and relocation.
The AL.SK350 makes the 2,890 tonne lift

Senior project manager Ronnie Adams said: “This lift proves the tried and tested capabilities of the AL.SK350 crane and its unique ability to lift this weight at such a long outreach within a congested site. The team and myself are very proud to be involved in such a landmark project and be the first to achieve such a heavy lift using this type of crane in the USA.”


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