Harness saves life

A utility worker had as a close a 'near death experience' as possible last week, after the platform of his bucket truck was struck by a passing truck.

The incident occurred in Sugar Land Texas, south west of Houston. The man was working on traffic lights over the Alt90 highway when a box truck traveling at around 50mph struck the bottom edge of his platform, ripping it from the boom, thankfully he was wearing a harness with short lanyard and was left suspended over the road.
The utility worker was luck to have survived without injury

His colleagues lowered him to the ground and amazingly he was shocked but unhurt.

The entire episode was captured on the dashcam of passing motorist – Andrew Wolf.

The team broke all the rules, working over a live traffic lane, with no attempt to cordon off or warn approaching traffic Thankfully they least used the right personal safety equipment.


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