What’s supporting the scaffold?

Sent in by a reader in the UK a photo of an overturned scaffold tower supported by a scissor lift

The photo’s below were sent in by a UK reader, and appear to portray a scaffold tower that has blown over in the strong winds over the weekend. Worse the tower seems to be on an upper floor of new build. Somehow it has landed on an extended scissor lift. What a scissor lift would have been doing in the raised position during a wind storm is hard to fathom. It is possible that the two together are more stable? However if this is an upper floor the whole lot could easily tip over the edge.
The overturned scaffold

Perhaps someone who was there might inform us what actually happened.
It looks like the tower is being held up by a scissor lift


Saw this on Facebook and it said 12th floor !

12 Mar 2019
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