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Bravi Sprint TL goes into production

Italian low level platform specialist Bravi has started production of the new Sprint TL, a tyre handling version of its 11ft Sprint self-propelled lift.

The Sprint TL was shown in prototype form at Bauma earlier this year, it offers a working height of up to 5.35 metres and is designed to take the effort out of placing and retrieving tyres and wheels from storage racks in a warehouse, workshop or retail environment.
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The lift rack tilts forward for easy loading

The lift rack/table tilts forward when the lift is stowed, and easily loaded with up to four tyres, and a combined weight of 100kg. As the lift raises the rack is returned to horizontal when the shelf is reached the tyres can be easily transferred to the shelf, with the bottom plate raised via chain drive system, to bring the next tyre up to the operator. The reverse occurs when retrieving tyres from the shelving. Not only does this make the picking and storing of tyres safer and easier, but it also increases efficiency and the number of tyres that can be stored within a given space. The platform has an overall width of 808mm and can travel at speeds of up to 5kph when stowed. It also has sufficient battery power for a travel range of 18 kilometres on a single charge.
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The lift rack moves to horizontal so that tyres can be rolled off or onto shelving

Bravi general manager and low-level access pioneer Pierino Bravi was heavily involved in the development of the Sprint TL. Speaking at its launch he said: “The ordinary maintenance of all European car fleets includes the seasonal change of tyres, and with these ever increasing in size and weight, it has become necessary to think of solutions to reduce operator fatigue, optimise warehouse space and allow for an overall better time management in order to serve the highest possible number of customers.”

Sales manager Marina Torres added: “With the EU car fleet having grown by 5.7 percent over the last five years alone, going from 243 to 257 million, and statistical data showing there are on average 511 cars per 1,000 inhabitants, the Sprint TL was specifically created to meet the needs expressed by many companies operating in the sector and is the result of more than 10 years of continuous technical improvements on the Sprint range.”

The new machine will be on display at a number of trade shows this autumn, including the specialist events JDL in Beaune, France, GIS in Piacenza and APEX Asia in China, as well as IMHX in Birmingham, UK – see the Vertikal.Net Events guide for more information.

The following video clip shows the device in action: