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Five metre hoist platform

Ipswich-based Sky High Access hoist division has taken the UK's first five metre platform conversion kit for the Geda 1500 Z/ZP.

UK importer Haki says the Geda hoist has fourteen different configurations to move both men and materials.

Sky High Access is using the hoist on the refurbishment of the AXA Insurance building in the centre of Ipswich, being carried out by contractors Corus Group.

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The multi configuration Geda 1500 Z/ZP hoist

The building required specially designed five metre sheets of cladding to be transported up the building. Grenrose Scaffolding - scaffolding contractors for the project - used the hoist to transport both scaffolding and cladding.

“Because of the nature of the building and the way in which the refurbishment was being undertaken with the cladding sheets, we were unable to tie in the traditional way so the scaffold solution was free standing," said Bob Quorn from Grenrose.

"Because of the size of the Geda hoist we were able to transport long length tube scaffold and the cladding easily, safely and efficiently. The suppliers of the hoist, Sky High Access, also worked closely with our team to enable progressive build for the erection phase.”

The project is on line to finish at the end of March 2007 and the staff at AXA Insurance are already back in situ in a secure sandwich area in the middle of the building. .