Jekko unveils the SPX1280

Jekko has launched the new eight tonne SPX1280 telescopic spider crane with hydraulic luffing jib.

The new crane replaces the 7.5 tonne SPX1275 which was launched in 2014, it maintains the same boom and jib configuration with 26.6 metre maximum tip height, but the crane has been extensively re-engineered. The five section 17.7 metre five section main boom has a range of jibs and searcher hook options, including the 7.6 metre four section hydraulically luffed telescopic jib which can luff from horizontal with the boom at 80 degrees, to 60 degrees above. Maximum radius is 20 metres and 360 degree slew is standard.
The new Jekko eight tonne SPX1280

The SPX1280 maintains the same boom and jib configuration as the SPX1275

The overall width with tracks retracted is 1.45 metres, extending to 2.05 metres in work mode. Overall weight is seven tonnes, including 1,000kg of counterweight. Pick & carry capacity is two tonnes with some 360 degree capability.
The tracks retracted

Tracks extended

The crane has new intelligent outrigger set up system which monitors the position of each leg, including the opening angle and extension as well as the counterweight, the machine’s software then calculates the maximum capacity for the specific configuration. Range of angles at with the outrigger legs can be set has been increased from four to seven.

The new crane is operated via a new in house designed radio remote controller, which is used to start, control, configure and operate the machine and its attachments, the crane no longer has a fixed control station.
The Jekko SPX1280 has a new in house remote control system

A new electronically operated hydraulic system is said to provide smoother and more precise operation, which increases the operator’s feeling of control. It also offers new functions such as simultaneous jib extension and boom elevation, along with smoother better performance for the tracked undercarriage, in total four functions can be operated at the same time.
The SPX1280 features a new Stage V/Tier 4 Final diesel matched to with a new more efficient variable displacement pump, helping improve performance and fuel economy.
The new Jekko stowed with telescopic luffing jib

Export sales manager Mauro Tonon said: “This machine is a real blank page for the operator, who can use endless configurations to be exploited very easily, notably through a completely revised user interface. The SPX1280 has a maximum safe working load equal to eight tonnes and reaches 26.6 metres in height when the hydraulic jib is installed. Considering its weight, size and stabilisation area, it is no doubt the most performing machine within its sector. And of course the pick & carry mode for operation at 360° with a two tonne load, Jekko’s trademark, is obviously available.”

“We have received orders covering the rest of 2019 and the first quarter of next year. Our overall production plan for this model in 2020 is of at least 40 units, with units destined for Central Europe, the United States, the Middle East and China in addition to our traditional markets.”


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