Quitting the basket

Spotted in Basel, Switzerland, at the end of September, a man using a mast boom, but not as intended.
Spotted on the roof of the bicycle shed

Our correspondent spotted him walking along the top of the bicycle cover, with the abandoned mast boom left unattended in the cycle lane. He then returned to the machine and climbed back in – no sign of a harness of course.
Climbing back into the platform

Although to be fair it could be argued that it is actually better not to wear one in a mast boom with short fixed jib, as the risk of a catapult effect are minimal, while a total overturn is more likely should the machine lose stability on a slope etc... In other words its stability profile is closer to that of a scissor lift than a boom lift, and it is probably better to be free to jump clear of the machine should it go over.

Anyway back to the story, this is not even close to some of the examples we receive but still qualifies for our Death Wish series.


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