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Bin ladder

Sent in by a reader near Carlisle in the UK, a man working on a ladder with an unusual method of extending its reach.
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Bin type ladder extenders

With the ladder clearly around a metre or so short, our man has placed it on two plastic rubbish bins. While the bins appear to have done the job in that he has reached his target, their lids are notoriously flexible, so it is amazing that he managed to get up there without the ladder tilting sideways, causing him to fall. It would be even more surprising if it did tilt on the way down or as soon as he released his hold on that vent.

Hopefully whomever took the photo warned him of the dangers and the risks and that he made it down without a fall and serious injury. While its no where close to many such examples we publish it still gets a place in our Death Wish series.

Have a safe weekend.


Ken Regan
Is that Osama Bin Ladder

Dec 9, 2019

THat's wheelie dangerous looking, he must have a rubbish safety attitude but we all know someone who has bin in this situation, littered with errors.

Nov 29, 2019
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