Fassi for Plant Speed

UK loader crane and heavy haulage company Plant Speed has taken delivery of a Mercedes 8x2 Arocs 3246 truck fitted with a 56 tonne/metre Fassi F545RA.2.26 loader crane and an Andover Trailers beavertail body.

The F545RA has a maximum capacity of 15.5 tonnes at 2.85 metres and can handle up to 2.5 tonnes at a radius of 16.3 metres. Maximum tip height is 21 metres, at which it can handle 4,450kg. The new truck was supplied by Bristol-based City West Commercials, while the loader crane was supplied and fitted by Fassi dealer, Avon Crane & Commercial.

Plant Speed managing director Paul Lomas, said: “The new 32 tonne rigid has replaced an eight wheeler from 2005. The Arocs has a much more spacious cab, and a bigger crane. It’s a Swiss Army Knife type of truck, capable of undertaking all sorts of tasks, and has barely stopped working since it landed. We didn’t need double drive. Instead, we wanted a vehicle that’s economical to operate and agile – the sites this truck has to access can be quite tight, so the rear steer axle is a big help.”
Plant Speed's new Mercedes 8x2 Arocs 3246 has been fitted with a 56 tonne/metre Fassi crane

Based in Bristol, Plant Speed specialises in heavy haulage and transportation and has a fleet of semi, flat and low loader trailers, modular axle lines and loader cranes topped by a 150 tonne/metre crane.


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