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Over the edge

A telehandler moving logs and tree limbs from a field rolled 100 metres down a steep bank in Paspels, to the south of Chur in Switzerland last Wednesday.

The operator, a farmer, was working near to the edge of the steep bank/precipice, when he moved too close and lost control of the machine in the soft ground, causing it to drop/roll all the way to the bottom. The man, 53, was rescued with the help of a team from the Swiss air rescue service, using a helicopter and winch to bring him up. He was then flown to a local hospital. Miraculously he apparently escaped with only moderate injuries.
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The telehandler rolled down a 100m embankment

The machine was recovered this week following an investigation by the Graubünden cantonal police.
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the machine is said to have been ‘written off’ – ‘totalled’