Dino recall underway

Finnish aerial lift manufacturer Dinolift has alerted its dealers to issues on some units of its 66ft 220RXT and 86ft 280RXT (72RXT and 92RXT in the USA) self-propelled boom lifts.

The first issue, identified in late September, involved a batch of faulty locking pin material on the 280RXT. The pins hold the main pivot and lift cylinder pivot pins in place and prevent them turning in the superstructure frame, while the faulty pins were bent or deformed after a period of use. The bulletin advised that they be inspected and that any deformed pins immediately replaced.
The affected pins on the 280RXT

A further bulletin was issued at the end of October concerning faulty welds found on the articulated riser arms of both machines – particularly those that had been laser welded. Owners were initially asked to withdraw the units from service until the welds had been inspected and to then to inspect them every day prior to work. However a month later the company re-issued the bulletin advising customers to take the machines out of service and not use them until they were rectified. Repairs are now underway.
The affected welds on the upper riser boom – the lower boom section is also affected in a similar way

As is the centre leveling link

The company also discovered some partial welds on a number of its 230VT truck mounted lifts, but the units were all caught before shipment and are being rectified at the plant.

A statement from company director, Karin Nars, said: ”We have discovered that there is a possibility of partial weld on the articulated arms of our models 220/72RXT and 280/92RXT. When this was discovered, all owners to these specific machines were notified. Initially, machines were not decommissioned, because preventative measures according to our instructions would ensure safe use. Nevertheless, out of an abundance of caution, we elected to send out a non-use bulletin until machines have been repaired. Replacement parts were shipped out from the factory before Christmas and repairs start as soon as the parts arrive at the destinations where field repairs take place, in mid-January. We have an ongoing dialogue with all the owners of these specific machines, doing everything in our power to make sure everybody is safe and that the customers’ businesses can go on without interruption.”
The Dino 280RXT


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