Crane off road

A four axle mobile crane left the road and overturned earlier this week in Frilford near Oxford in the UK.

The crane, a four axle Terex All Terrain from the Baldwin fleet, was travelling down the A338 south west of Oxford when the kerb side wheels slipped off the road and sank into the soft ground, which is currently waterlogged, causing it to leave the road and roll into the field.
The crane hit the verge causing the driver to lose control

The information we have received indicates that no one was seriously hurt in the incident, and no other vehicle was involved.

This time of year – especially when it is such a wet one – results in numerous examples of mobile cranes leaving the road in northern/central Europe, after sinking into soft verges. Drivers of big cranes, trucks and truck mounted lifts need to take extra care.


It isn’t down to the company if an operator lose concentration, no one sees when ainscough crane drives into a bridge on the motorway or Starnes crane falls over in their yard

It isn’t always down to Baldwin’s and please comment if you know the actual truth behind the death of the Baldwin’s operator in the past then you see it was not down to them

Jan 23, 2020

Baldwins again......!
Of course it won't be anything to do with the operator being "forced" to work excessive hours and therefore reduced concentration levels?
Two major incidents in as many months, time for Richard et al to call it a day before another loss of life!

Jan 16, 2020
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