First hybrid Multitel delivered

Stadtgrün Bern, the local government department responsible for maintaining public parks and trees in the city of Bern, has taken delivery of the first 16.5 metre hybrid Multitel 160 Alu truck mounted platform in Switzerland.

Delivered by sales company Skyworker Trade, the 160 Hybrid provides 10.5 metres of outreach and a maximum platform capacity of 200kg. The platform can be operated either via the on board battery pack, motor and pump, or the vehicle's PTO mounted pump.

As the vehicle moves from one job to another the batteries are recharged by a second alternator dedicated to charging the superstructure battery pack, while the main alternator charges the vehicle battery as normal. The company says it can be charged from empty to full in under four hours.
The 16.5 metre hybrid Multitel 160 Alu

Skyworker Trade chief executive Olivier Wolf, said: “This concept is the guarantee of the optimal total cost of ownership. The calculation consists of the initial investment, the cost of maintaining the asset during its useful life and the residual value. We believe that Multitel can guarantee one of the most optimal total cost of ownership in the industry in this device area. We are constantly working to ensure our customers the best return on investment when they choose a product.”


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