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New Jekko mini crane

Jekko has unveiled a new 600kg MPK06 battery powered mini pick & carry crane/glass handler aimed at material handling work in building yards.
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The new Jekko MPK06 Minipicker

The new crane, which is fully compliant with the EN13000 standard, has a 2.8 metre three section boom, with a maximum tip height of 3.5 metres and a maximum radius of 1.7 metres. It features a dual operating mode with either a hook or a vacuum manipulator. It offers up 10 degrees of slew either side of centre - ie 20 degrees in total. It also offers 360 degrees continuous rotation of the manipulator.
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The crane has a three section electric boom

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The crane has 20 degrees of slew

The maximum capacity of 600kg is available at a radius of half a metre and can take 300kg to 1.7 metres. The vacuum manipulator capacities range from 600kg to 150kg at 2.1 metres radius. The MPK06 has a gross vehicle weight of 990kg but is fitted with 270kg of removable counterweights, reducing the overall weight to 720kg.
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The 270kg removeable counterweight

The machine is equipped with two 12volt/155Ah traction batteries powering an electric motor and new electric actuators in place of hydraulic cylinders, allowing simultaneous operation of three functions without cross interference and eliminating the need for any hydraulics.
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Standard controls are on a drawbar

The crane is pedestrian controlled through the onboard drawbar, while a simple wired remote controller is also available. When used, the drawbar has a mechanical lock allowing the crane to travel in a straight line.
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A wired remote controller is available

The machine’s overall width is 835mm although this can be reduced to 760mm when equipped with indoor wheels. The crane can also be equipped with outboard stabilisers which can be extended like training wheels on a child’s bicycle. In this configuration the overall width is just under 1.7 metres wide. Overall length stowed is 1.85 metres - 400mm shorter with indoor wheels - and overall stowed height is 1.36 metres.
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One of the vacuum manipulators

Jekko’s Alessio Forcolin said: “The MPK06 is going to set the pace in the world of work. The requirements of building yards are evolving, skilled labour is not always available and loads which are becoming increasingly heavy still need to be lifted, whether it be glass installation or general industrial work. The market was waiting for this new concept of minipickers, which are compact, lightweight and deploying elevated lifting capacity, and Jekko has met the challenge."


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