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Dingli unveils lithium 4x4 boom lift range

Dingli unveiled its latest new 86ft articulated all electric EAB28ERT boom lift yesterday at an event at the Zhejiang Deqing Mogan Mountain airport, in front of nearly 1,500 visitors from around 700 rental companies.
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The mystery machine is unveiled

The new machine is based on the company’s regular Italian designed diesel boom lifts and shares most of the componentry. The new model maintains the same four wheel drive, four wheel steer telehandler drive line with full differential locking, but in place of a diesel engine it is powered by an 80 Volt/520Ah high capacity lithium battery pack feeding a large AC electric motor.
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The new 86ft electric boom lift shares most of its components and structure with the diesel powered booms

The machine is equipped with two charging modes, a 1.5 hour quick charge system, and a six hour slow charge programme. The company claims that it can work for three to four typical eight hour shifts between full recharges. The batteries are maintenance free and come complete with battery management system. The company says that it will guarantee the battery pack for five years, to the point that if the battery pack power declines beyond 70 percent of the rated capacity during that time it will replace them free of charge.

Performance is the same as the diesel powered model with which it shares the vast majority of its components. Maximum unrestricted platform capacity is 230kg with a maximum working height of 28.1 metres and an outreach of 19.1 metres at an up and over height of just over nine metres.
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The same dual telescopic boom configuration offers an up and over reach of 9.1m and 19.1m of outreach

The new model is the first of a seven model Dingli electric boom lift product line which will include: the 86ft EAB28ERT, the 73ft EAB24ERT articulated booms. It will also include the 92ft ETBJ30ERT, the 86ft ETB28ERT, the 80ft ETBJ26ERT, the 80ft ETB26ERT and 73ft ETB24ERT telescopic boom lifts with maximum platform capacities of up to 454kg.