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Self-isolation challenge?

With much of the world faced with the challenge of self-isolating following the outbreak of Covid-19, some crane fans are struggling to keep occupied, however this might provide you with a few ideas!

Professional Lego Technic modeller, Jeroen Ottens, has just finished creating a working large scale model of the 1,200 tonne Liebherr LTM 11200-9.1 All Terrain crane, complete with its Y-guying system and luffing jib from Lego Technic.

OK, truth be told, Ottens didn’t start on this project just to stay occupied, however that takes nothing away from the level of detail involved, which is just incredible. Standing 2.4 metres high and featuring eight motors and more than 300 gears, the crane is able to perform a wide range of operations which include driving, steering and deploying the outriggers. Remote boom functions also include raising and extending the 2.4 metre fully rigged four section boom and Y-guying system, raising/lowering the counterweight, rotating the superstructure and lifting/lowering a load.

Speaking of his creation Ottens said: “After nearly 10 months of hard work I am finally able to present the Lego Technic replica of the Liebherr LTM11200 crane. It is one of the biggest roadworthy cranes in the world and I have tried to do it justice in Lego as well. This is actually a redesign of the model I made in 2013. At that time I had designed the carrier, the superstructure and the outer section of the boom. I have gone through the entire design, updated it to improve on the weak points of the original design and updated it to the newer parts that are now available. I also designed the complete boom from the ground up.”

Have a good – and hopefully creative – weekend!