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Free safe signature

Software developer Point of Rental is providing its electronic signature eSign product available free of charge for any rental software programme for up to 90 days during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The eSign device allows rental companies and their customers to safely sign any piece of paperwork on their own devices. For example a delivery driver hands over the machine, transfers it electronically to the customers phone or other device, they sign, and press send to return it.

Not only is the signature collected at a safe distance, but it is then immediately stored in the system and available to access online from any location. Point of Rental is offering the software and the set-up completely free of charge for 90 days, with no catches – it is not looking for any payment details for future inertia selling, there is no need for any of its rental software – in fact you don’t even need to have rental software at all to use the esign product.
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At the end of the 90 days you can of course decide to buy it or simply let it lapse. At the same time you can also sign up to free online seminar next Thursday, April 9th at 15:00 GMT with a demonstration of how it works and brief training on how to use it.

Chief executive, Wayne Harris, said: “It is hard enough for hire companies in this climate. We have seen some of the elaborate ways people are getting contracts signed while maintaining their distance, and while the level of innovation was amazing, we knew we could help make it easier. Since eSign works independently of other software products, it’s able to help the entire rental community, not just Point of Rental users.”