Hinowa unveils the TeleCrawler 13

Italian spider lift manufacturer Hinowa is to launch a new 13 metre all electric telescopic spider lift, dubbed the TeleCrawler13 - or TC13.

The new compact platform is powered by Hinowa's well proven lithium-ion battery pack, and uses a three section boom, topped by an articulated jib to achieve the 13 metre working height, while offering up to 6.4 metres of outreach with 136kg unrestricted platform capacity. The machine is the first model of a completely new series.

The TeleCrawler13 is mounted on an all electric tracked chassis with permanent magnet electric drive motors built to IP67 protection levels, in order to cope with wet, muddy and dusty ground conditions. As a result, not only is the drive function significantly more efficient than the traditional chassis driven by hydraulic motors - four times more efficient according to Hinowa - but it also reduces the amount of hydraulic oil on the machine, particularly in the chassis.

The TC13 lift has an overall length with basket removed of just under 3.7 metres, an overall width of 748mm and an overall height of just under 1.95 metres. The extended outrigger footprint is a 2.45 by 2.9 metres, allowing the unit to work in a single width parking space.

Other features include automatic control of the boom telescopic and elevate functions, so that it can lift or lower parallel to a wall or other work, up to a height of nine metres. It also includes ‘go home’ and ‘go back’ functions, allowing the operator to stow the machine with the press of a single button, or return to the last working position.

The new machine was originally schedule for June launch, with shipments expected later this year.

Vertikal Comment

This looks like a machine that introduces a number of new features to this size of spider lift, and will appeal to many users, with its quick, simple telescopic extension, compact dimensions and all electric drive, not only making it more efficient, but also reducing service and potential leak issues.

It will be interesting to see the machine in the iron and to feel how it operates, the company says that it is the first step towards an all electric machine that completely dispenses with hydraulic oil. Eliminating boom lift and outrigger cylinders on a tough, rugged machine will be a challenge until component manufacturers perfect electric drive cylinders.


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