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New road/rail crawler boom

Platform Basket has launched a new 25ft tracked RR9/200 Road Rail self-propelled articulated boom lift for the railway maintenance sector.

The RR9/200 features a single short riser, a fixed length boom and a short articulated jib with an end mounted platform. It offers a working height of 9.5 metres, an outreach of up to 4.7 metres with an up & over height of just over four metres and an unrestricted 200kg platform capacity.
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Platform Basket's new tracked RR9/200 Road Rail boom lift

The superstructure also includes automatic levelling allowing it to level up on rail inclines or banked tracks of up to 180mm/eight degrees. It can also be used as a regular self-propelled boom lift, but with a slightly reduced 8.5 metre working height and an outreach of 4.3 metres and can only work on side slopes of up to three degrees. With the riser fully elevated the RR9/200 has zero tailswing so that it can be used alongside a live second track.
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The RR9/200 can rotate its tracks 90 degrees to allow it to drive up on the rail lines while the superstructure remains in line with the tracks

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The RR9/200 drives up onto the rails

In order to get onto the rail tracks, the machine’s rubber tracks rotate 90 degrees, allowing it to drive up on to the rail lines, before lowering its rail wheel undercarriage into place and lifting the crawler tracks free so that they can be rotated back in line. The travel speed on normal ground is only 2kph, but it has a maximum speed of 10kph on its rail wheels.
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The RR9/200 on the rails offers a working height of 9.5 metres and an outreach of 4.7 metres

With an overall weight of just 2,900kg, the RR9/200 offers a stowed length of 4.12 metres, a stowed height of 2.3 metres and an overall width of 1.6 metres. Power comes from a Kubota diesel engine, but a lithium-ion battery powered version is also available.

Other features include radio remote controls, Platform Basket’s tele-diagnostics and geo-location systems, a smaller one man basket and non-marking tracks.

The company said: “The aim of this project was to offer an extremely light and compact machine that can be transported on the back of a 3.5 tonne trailer. The RR9/200 offers the possibility of having a self-propelled platform for both rail and civil aerial work and offers excellent traction on any ground conditions, together with a low ground pressures to allow it to be used on the delicate floors of railway stations.”

The first units are currently undergoing the rail approval process with full production set for September.

Vertikal Comment

This is a truly innovative new product aimed at light rail maintenance and cleaning work, but which can also be used for station and rail building maintenance, or other regular applications, making it should prove to be an interesting concept for rental companies that are looking for a something that might appeal to the railway market, while having potential to be used for other applications.


Knowing what tracked machines are like, I'd like to see a video of when it climbs on and off the rains with the tracks at 90°. from that photo above, it's going to have a huge, violent pivot any second, with the inner side crashing down. Going to be a fun ride for the operator

Jun 11, 2020

Fantastic innovation on the Tracked Boom theme!

Jun 10, 2020