Hy-Brids for Superior

US rental company Superior Rents has taken delivery of a number of 19ft Hy-Brid PS-1930 scissor lifts.

Launched earlier this year, the PS-1930 offers a working height of 7.6 metres and a platform capacity of 295kg. Weighing just 900kg with a stowed height of under 1.9 metres and an overall width of 762mm the scissor lifts can also pass easily through standard single doorways and into elevators without need to fold down guardrails.

Features include a 762mm deck extension, a low step-in platform height and the company’s LeakGuard system. Upon taking delivery of the new lifts, a number went out on a job for Missouri contractor Steel Wall Construction to assist with the construction of a new retail building.
With a stowed height of 1.9 metres the PS-1930 can easily fit through a standard doorway

Steel Wall owner, Bill Shields, said: “I was using a different manufacturer’s 19ft lift and realised it required folding rails to fit under the doors. If guys have to tear down the railing every time they pass through a door, I might as well just scaffold it. They’re almost useless. On a project like this, door frames are put on early in the process, right after we set the walls. Once the door frame is set, it’s a half inch below seven feet, and none of the other lifts can go through that opening with their rails up. The PS-1930 saves at least 15 minutes each time an operator has to go from room to room.”
One of Superior's new PS-1930 scissor lifts on its first job

With locations in Springfield, Joplin and Wichita, Superior Rents offers a wide range of general equipment along with a fleet of aerial work platforms to homeowners and contractors throughout Missouri and Kansas.


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