Big AT overturn in L.A

A large All Terrain crane overturned in the Riverside suburb of Los Angeles, California, on Saturday.

The large Liebherr from the Bragg Crane Services fleet was rigged with Y-Guy Superlift system and a long luffing jib, when it appears to have tipped over sideways while it was being de-rigged after having completed a lift at the Kaiser Permanente Riverside Hospital. It looks as though the crane was short rigged at the time.

The crane was on rent to heating, ventilation and air conditioning contractor A.O. Reed & Company which according to firefighting was assisting with the de-rig.

Photos - Riverside Fire Department

Thankfully no one was hurt in the incident but looking at the cab the crane operator clearly had a lucky escape. Damage to the building was also relatively light and the hospital remained open. A Bragg truck was also struck by the crane’s Superlift system.
the operator’s cab was badly damaged but largely intact

A statement from the City of Riverside Fire Department said: “Firefighters surveyed the scene and determined nobody was trapped, the crane was not on fire and there were no civilian injuries. A portion of the building that houses the garbage and garbage compactor was damaged, several semi-truck trailers and Bragg Crane vehicles were damaged. A.O. Reed & Company was assisting Bragg Crane Service in removing and taking down the crane when the crane suddenly tipped over. Kaiser Permanente Safety personnel were on site keeping the scene secured until CAL-OSHA would arrive to conduct the investigation. City of Riverside Building and Safety responded to the incident. The loading dock and north tower maintenance area will remain closed until further notice. Kaiser Riverside remains fully functional and is open to staff and patients.”
A truck was badly damaged by part of the crane’s Superlift system


t bone
i say he was moving on rubber to a better position to lay the fly down the driveway. hence the short outriggers and no counter weights

Dec 5, 2020

That's a lot of stick to have on short outriggers !?!

Jul 13, 2020

Thats a lot of stick to have on with an empty counterweight tray or am I missing something ???

Jul 13, 2020
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