Access in the street

Spotted this week in Blandford Forum, Dorset, UK, two examples of poor practice in the same street.

A local resident spotted a man using a van mounted lift to reach a streetlight. Not only has he failed to cordon off the machine, or appoint anyone to direct traffic, but the van is protruding into the street. OK it is not a street for fast traffic speeds, although it is still a B road. It is also a one way street, but cars are clearly having to squeeze past the van.

To be fair the lift has no tail swing and at low speeds it is hard to imagine a collision that would have much impact on the platform itself, at least not one that would be life threatening. The trouble is when you work this way sometimes, it can become a habit that gathers pace and next time it could end up being serious.
Spot the scaffold tower up the street

Then just up the road on the right two men on a scaffold tower. To be fair again they have set up the scaffold fairly well in terms of stability and bracing which are the two most critical things. Technically though they are missing a ladder and may well be climbing the frames externally – never a good idea on such a small tower. More important is the absence of adequate guarding and toe boards, especially given that pedestrians are likely to be walking past.
Not the worst example by any stretch, but not the best

Neither is a total Death Wish, but both are pretty close.

Have a safe weekend.


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