Sinoboom unveils new hybrid boom

bauma China opened its doors this morning in Shanghai with a number of manufacturers unveiling new models. One of the more prolific is locally based Sinoboom which is launching its all new 60ft AB18HJ hybrid articulated boom lift, along with three new scissor lifts, two high capacity telescopic boom lifts and a special shipyard boom lift.
The Sinoboom stand at Bauma China 2020, taken last night

The new hybrid machine signals a shift in policy by the manufacturer towards more environmentally friendly models, as indicated by the 40ft all electric 1218RE Rough Terrain scissor lift which is also launched today.

The AB18HJ is essentially a battery powered, four wheel drive unit with oscillating axle and 40 percent gradeability, which is available as the plain EJ all electric, while the HJ also has an onboard diesel to drive the electrics and recharge the battery pack if desired. The full specifications have yet to be released, but the machine features a dual short risers which remain largely inboard when stowed, topped by a two section telescopic boom and a relatively long articulated jib. It also offers an unrestricted platform capacity of 230kg. The company has also updated its 52ft boom lift the AB16EJ.
The new AB18J – the HJ has the addition of a diesel power unit

The new 40ft 1218RE has an overall width of 1.8 metres, four wheel drive, active axle oscillation, auto levelling jacks, a 1.6 metre wide platform with single extension and 365kg platform capacity. Other new scissors include the 45ft 1412E Plus 1.2 metre wide slab electric unit, with a wider scissor pack design, bumper rails to prevent scratches and dual sets of forklift slots. A new 18ft 0607SE compact slab electric micro scissor lift, with an overall width of 760mm and an overall length of less than 1.5 metres is also available.

The new telescopic booms include the 68ft TB20J Plus, 91ft TB28J Plus, both of which feature maximum platform capacities of 454kg – 300kg unrestricted, three section telescopic booms, rising boom pivot points and an articulating jib, along with four wheel drive, active axle oscillation, 45 percent gradeability. Both also feature a new ‘Intelligent’ seven inch display screen, displaying all fault and diagnostic information, machine status and settings. The new booms will go into production next year.
The new 91ft TB28J Plus has a 450kg maximum platform capacity

The new 86ft TB26C shipyard machine has extra heavy duty construction, to provide increased platform rigidity, and has been designed to withstand the extreme rigours of the application, with additional protection against water, dust and sand ingress, along with additional anti corrosion treatments to fabrications and components. Secondary guarding and overhead protection systems are all standard.

Finally the company has also adopted a new pale blue livery.


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