Palfinger Smart Plus line

Palfinger has updated its Smart Line of 3.5 tonne Italian built articulated and telescopic truck mounted platforms.

Five of the seven model range - with working heights from 17 to 24 metres - will carry the ‘Plus’ designation, while two units - the P200 and P240 - incorporate some but not all of the 'Plus' features.

The new Smart Plus five model line up includes the 20 metre P 200 AXE-E Smart Plus, the 22 metre P 220 AXE-E Smart Plus, the 24 metre P 240 AXE-E Smart Plus articulated units, along with the 17 metre P 170 TXE-E Smart Plus and the 20 metre P 200 TXE-E Smart Plus telescopics.
The new 20 metre P 200 AXE-E Smart Plus truck mounted platform

New features in the Plus package include multifunctional electric controls, a proportional hydraulic manifold for multifunction operation, improved platform entry, home and anti-collision functions and variable outrigger set up - fully extended, extended on one side and inboard/straight down - all with automatic monitoring and working envelope selection. The articulated models have also been mounted on a shorter 3.45 metre wheelbase Iveco chassis. In addition all structural fabrications have a cathodic electrodeposition coating with Palfinger’s patented KTL system.
Outriggers fully extended

Out on one side only

Inboard set up

The P 200 A-R Smart retains full pressure hydraulic controls and along with the P 240 AE Smart they retain the simple quick set A-frame stabilisers/outriggers.
The new Smart line includes telescopic and articulated truck mounted platforms with working heights from 17 to 24 metres


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