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Festive fun

We have received a festive video involving a wide range of lifting equipment that we think captures the imagination and the season.

The stop motion video has been put together by Liebherr and showcases a wide range of its products in model form being used to help make ‘Grandma Vroni’s butter biscuits’. Clearly a lot of work went into making it, which was achieved by taking 2,787 individual images of models moving millimetres at a time before being placed in sequence. The results are, well as you will see below:

And sure - to all the Scrooges out there - it’s a tad commercial but it’s Friday afternoon and we are not totally immune to a bit of festive cheer at this time of year.

Enjoy your weekend and keep safe!

(Oh and if you are interested in how the video was made, or would like a copy of Grandma Vroni’s biscuit reciepe: click here)


Agreed !
And a lump of coal in the stockings of those humbugs who gave thumbs down.

Dec 22, 2020

Quite simply Brilliant!! Well done to all who did this.

Dec 18, 2020