New loader crane from Effer

Effer has launched the 80 to 90 tonne/metre Effer 1000, its first major new loader crane since it was acquired by Hiab in 2018 - see: Hiab acquires Effer.

The crane offers a maximum capacity of 25.8 tonnes at three metres - or 16.8 tonnes at 4.8 metres - and can be supplied with either an eight or nine section boom and a six section jib. As such, the company claims it is the first loader crane in the 80 to 90 tonne/metre segment to offer a nine section boom with six jib extensions.

The nine section boom offers a maximum radius of 22 metres at which it can handle 2.7 tonnes. When fitted with the heavy duty six section jib it has a maximum radius of 34.08 metres at which it can lift 600kg. Two additional manual sections takes this to 39 metres with a capacity of 420kg. Maximum tip height is just under 39 metres.
The new Effer 1000 loader crane

The company says the ability to elevate the boom to 83 degrees makes it ideal for getting in close for operations in inner cities with tall buildings, while its 9,500kg weight allows for it to be mounted on a 32 tonne chassis leaving the vehicle with six to 7.8 tonnes of free payload for cargo.

Features include variable outrigger set up, up & over heights of 26 metres, the ability to raise the jib 20 degrees above the horizontal as well as the company’s Progress 2.0 remote performance and diagnostic system. It can also be supplied with an EN280 compliant work platform and a glass handling attachment.

Marcel Boxem, Hiab director of global product management, said: “We have listened to our customers and created a game changing Effer loader crane that delivers the best vertical performance in its class. The Effer 1000 is a heavy loader crane with the competing vertical reach and lifting capacity of a super heavy crane without the need for the bigger trucks. This flexibility allows them to work in tighter urban spaces and save money.”

The video below highlights the features of the new crane:


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