Recovery crane overturns

When a large articulated truck crashed and overturned on the A-44 road near Jaén in southern Spain last weekend, the driver, 36, escaped relatively unharmed.

A crane was called in from local company Gruas de la Chica to move the wreckage from the road to the central reservation so that the traffic could resume. After an hour or so a fairly dated two axle Faun arrived to do the job. It set up on the road - without mats - and lifted the tractor unit. So far so good, but then it slewed over the opposite side of the crane where the outriggers were only partially extended and … over it went.

It looks as though the operator had intended to lift the truck onto the side of the road, but was possibly told “no we will put it that side” and as all too often happens he seems to have forgotten that he had not fully extended the outriggers on that side. Why is a mystery as there seems to have been plenty of room?

The entire episode - both incidents - were captured on video. One thing is for sure, if the tractor unit was recoverable after the initial crash it most certainly wasn’t after the crane’s boom landed on it.

The first part of the video below shows the truck accident as it happened, while the second half shows the wreckage after the crane overturned. To view the video of crane going over click on the following link and skip forward 30 seconds: https://www.canalsur.es/multimedia.html?id=1683056&jwsource=twi


I don't think the crane was too small.
I think the brain of the operator was too small......

Mar 1, 2021

Was this crane too small? And could it have worked in a different configuration? (head-on instead of sideways)

Mar 1, 2021

Crane expert
Well that could of gone better.

Feb 28, 2021
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