20 Bravi for Nationwide

UK based rental company Nationwide Platforms, a subsidiary of France’s Loxam, has placed an initial order for 20 10ft Bravi Leonardo HD mast type self-propelled aerial work platforms. The units will be supplied with the company's ‘Solo-Gyps’ drywall attachment, the first of these attachments to be sold in the UK.

The Leonardo HD has a maximum working height of almost five metres and a platform capacity of 180kg. The platform comes with two extensions to create a 1.71 metre by 680mm working platform. The machine weighs just 510kg and has an overall width of 739mm. Drive is direct electric allowing a machine to travel up to 12 kilometres on a single charge.
The Bravi Leonardo HD

The Solo-Gyps attachment can lift panels, such as plywood or plasterboard, weighing up to 40kg to an overhead height of 4.9 metres. The device makes it very easy for a person to single handedly install ceiling panels with minimum effort - perfect in these days of social distancing.

Chief operating officer Paul Rankin, said: "Our investment in the Leonardo HD with Solo-Gyps from Bravi reinforces our commitment to continuing to provide the best, the safest and most modern equipment to our customers. Nationwide Platforms is the only provider in the UK to be offering the Leonardo HD with Solo-Gyps attachment, and we can provide expert advice to our customers on how to get the best out of the equipment."

Pierino Bravi added: "Due to social distancing measures, many contractors are no longer allowing two people on the same platform, so vertical platforms that are compact and manoeuvrable enough to allow more units on the same job are the right solution to the current challenges, letting each operator work on his own."

For more information on the Bravi Leonardo HD see the video below:


Steve McQueen
How the mighty have fallen,Is there anyone left to hire these 20 machines out.

Mar 5, 2021

They abound
How are Nationwide going to offer 'expert advice' then? Just thought I would ask.

Mar 4, 2021
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