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Jumbo SAL JV

Dutch maritime heavy lift and transport company Jumbo Shipping has formed a joint venture with German marine transport specialist SAL Heavy Lift after the deal was cleared by the German competition authority earlier this month.

The joint venture will see the companies combine their commercial, marketing and sales activities in more than 20 countries. It will also combine their heavy lift vessel fleet, which together totals 30 units with lifting capacities of up to 3,000 tonnes, which the company claims is the largest fleet in the 800 tonne and over sector.

Jumbo managing director, Michael Kahn, said: “This joint venture is a big step for both of us. In the past few years, it became increasingly clear that the benefits of collaboration heavily outweigh the traditional way of doing business. Our client base and interests have changed and to remain an effective global player in our field of activity, you always need to adapt and innovate. Not only on a technical level, but also commercially. We believe that the flexibility and competences that our clients are looking for are best served by SAL’s and Jumbo’s combined assets and knowledge.”
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The Jumbo-SAL- Alliance will have a combined fleet of 30 heavy lift vessels

SAL Heavy Lift director of chartering, Jens Baumgarten, added: “This collaboration allows us to bring an unrivalled shipping product to market. It provides a solid answer to the needs of big contractors and EPCs as well as manufacturers and forwarders. On one side, we can handle regular or spot-market breakbulk cargoes. On the other, we have the experience and the assets to handle very large and long-term scopes, including arranging third-party tonnage or whatever is needed to make good on our ‘one-stop-shop’ promise. Simply said, we want our customers to be happy during and after each and every project. This way, they will trust us to deliver a new heavy lift solution for them the next time.”


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