Potain unveils new MDT flat top

The Potain division of Manitowoc has unveiled its latest flat top crane, the 20/25 tonne MDT 489.

Built in France, the new crane is aimed primarily at the North American market, joining the new MDT 569 and MDT 809, while plugging the gap between the MDT 389 and MDT 569.
The new Potain MDT 489

It is available in 20 or 25 tonne configurations, with an 80 metre jib and 3.5 tonne jib tip capacity. The crane features a choice of two new hoists, the 110 HPL or 150 HPL, with a max speed up to 195 metres and minute. The trolley offers two or four fall configurations with automatic trolley rope tensioning and a recalibration system that replaces the need for manual tensioning.
The crane offers an 80 metre jib with 3.5 tonne tip capacity

Installed on a 2.45 metre tower with six of eight metre cross-base the new crane has a free standing height of 80 metres.

The crane has been designed for easy transport and erection and can be moved on eight truck loads, or in nine containers, and installed in no more than two days. Features include built-in slinging points on the jib, which can be assembled either on the ground or in the air. It also features a single compact slewing/cab package with cab always connected, although it rotates to fit easily into a container. The counter-jib has a foldable articulated ballast cage with the 6.7 or 4.7 tonne counterweight slabs providing up to 46.2 tonnes of total counterweight.
The counter jib and hoist

The crane features the ‘Ultra View’ with Manitowoc’s CCS - Crane Control System – and can be fully calibrated in 15 minutes.

The following launch video shows off the key features and includes interviews with key Potain managers, from engineering, production, testing and sales:


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