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Power Towers teams up with ASC

JLG/Power Towers has reached a supply agreement with Dutch scaffold tower, low level and ladder manufacturer ASC for the Benelux region.

ASC already offers a branded version of JLG’s MVL self-propelled mast lift but will now add the entire Power Towers range to its portfolio, with a focus on ladder replacement.
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ASC will offer the full Power Towers line up

Power Towers Jonathan Dawson said: “We are extremely happy adding another ‘traditional’ access reseller to our customer portfolio. Over the past years, we have been advocating strongly in our market that there is a safer way to work at height. ASC group will collaborate with Power Towers to expand the distribution network in the Benelux, particularly focusing on ladder replacement sales. The agreement is yet another step towards a future where ladders will no longer be the go-to means to access low level heights.”

ASC sales manager Ralf Hereijgers added: “With the addition of Power Towers’ products to our range, we can offer a broad range of solutions for work at low level heights. The addition of these products also allows us to extend our sales activities into different industries, further penetrating the market in the Benelux and offer alternatives to more traditional means of access.“

ASC was founded in 1990 as an aluminium welder and manufacturer by owner Jeroen van den Heuvel. Since then, the company has expanded and added an efficient new production facility along the way. The company offers a wide range of non-powered access equipment including scaffold towers and accessories, suspended platforms ladders and low level powered access. It operates through a network of around 300 dealers.