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New 42t Liebherr tele crawler

Liebherr has launched its new 42 tonne LTR 1040 telescopic crawler crane, which is essentially its 60 tonne LTR 1060 with less counterweight.
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The new Liebherr LTR 1040

So close are the two models that the company says that owners will have the opportunity to upgrade their LTR 1040 into an LTR 1060 retrospectively if required. The main difference between the two models is the significantly reduced counterweight on the LTR 1040. The 10 tonnes of central/carbody ballast have been removed from the chassis whilst the superstructure counterweight is 10 tonnes lower by simply removing two five tonne slabs.
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The new crane has a retracted overall width of 3 metre

The five section boom is significantly longer than most 40 tonne crawlers at 40 metres and it can handle 8.6 tonnes at a 10 metre radius throughout 360 degrees, or 10 tonnes on the fully extended 40 metre boom at a radius of six metres. A 16 metre bi-fold swingaway extension takes the maximum tip height to more than 58 metres with four tonnes of capacity, or 3.1 tonnes to a hook height of 55 metres with 20 degrees of offset and a 10 metre radius. The crane has load charts for slopes of 0.3, 0.7, 1.5, 2.5 and four degrees.
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Access to the superstructure has been improved all round

The LTR 1040 has an overall weight of 43.5 tonnes, including its 5.6 tonnes of ballast and hook blocks. Overall retracted width is three metres, extending to 4.8 metres with intermediate working widths, while it has an overall height of just 3.15 metres. The crane can also be supplied with a 2.5 metre erection jib and an auxiliary hoist.
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