Test your rigging skills

US based crane operator and inspector, rigging and planning training provider Industrial Training International (ITI) has created a short quiz focused on rigging and load handling scenarios to test and stretch your knowledge on the subject - perfect for a Friday afternoon, or perhaps for a toolbox talk, ‘lunch and learn’, or safety meeting.

Created by ITI’s co-founder Mike Parnell, the below quiz includes four questions on web slings, corner loading, jacking and floor loading. If you think you are up for it, you can either try work them out on your own or with assistance of others. You can also use the company’s field reference cards from its online store.

The competition will close on Friday 28th with the correct answers announced Monday 31st. All winning entries will be awarded a year’s subscription to Cranes & Access publication, while the fastest correct entry will also win a series of branded merchandise.

Good Luck!

Note: for our non-North American audience we have added metric measurements to some of the diagrams. Where this is the case we have either rounded up or down to the nearest round number. Answers can be provided in either measurements.


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