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Live tracking from AFI

UK access rental company AFI has equipped its fleet of delivery vehicles with live tracking systems.

Customers will now be able to view the location of their order in real time via the company’s online customer portal. It also provides information how many deliveries the driver has scheduled and can provide images of the delivery and collection once complete.

AFI group services director, Donna Hall, said: “With just a few clicks through their online portal, customers will be able to see the delivery status of their powered access hire instantly. This new feature allows AFI customers to accurately plan their resources to ensure someone is on-site to accept delivery or collection; and enables us to improve our response times.”
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AFI customers can now track their order in real time

The move to install live tracking system follows on from the company’s decision to upgrade its fleet to handle its ‘Super-Set’ range of large boom and scissor lifts - see: AFI to upgrade delivery fleet.


Micky j
No more he's round the corner lol

Jun 30, 2021

Just need drivers now to deliver the machines

Jun 28, 2021

They abound
Another gimmick, like those nonsensical keypads that appeared on everything a few years ago, and no-one ever uses. Does anyone really expect a customer to adjust their timetable to meet a machine on site? This takes away the opportunity to pacify and talk down an irate customer waiting for a machine again, and gives a rather simplistic and untrue view of a delivery time. It can't predict the traffic or the trouble a driver will encounter on previous sites. It seems rather misleading in an unhelpful kind of way, and must make the drivers feel under a great deal of pressure.
Does not get my vote.

Jun 28, 2021