110t Liebherr for Klema

German rental company Klema Kranverleih has taken delivery of a new 110 tonne Liebherr LTM 1110-5.1 five axle All Terrain crane.

Based in Oberschleissheim, on the north side of Munich, the main factors cited by Klema for choosing the Liebherr were lift and reach performance, for the given axle loads and transport weight. The new model expands the fleet by one.

The new crane has a seven section 60 metre main boom plus a 10.8 to 19 metre bi-fold swingaway extension. Two seven metre lattice extensions can be added to offer a maximum tip height of almost 96 metres. The crane can travel with a gross weight of just 48 tonnes with axle loads of less than 10 tonnes, where this helps with permits. It can also carry more counterweight where this does not provide advantages.
(L-R) Wolfgang Sailer of Liebherr, Christine Klenner of Klema, Florian Maier of Liebherr with Thomas Feder and Henry Lewin of Klema-Kranverleih

Managing director Henry Lewin said: “We regard the new LTM 1110-5.1 as a sensible addition to our fleet, closing the gap between 100 and 130 tonnes. We decided to buy the Liebherr 110 tonne crane because its design makes it flexible on public roads, where it can carry 13.4 tonnes of ballast.”

For the crane’s first job it had all of its 29 tonne maximum counterweight installed and was rigged with the 19 metre extension offset by 40 degrees, for a 78 metre tip height in order to replace filter systems at Zolling power plant, around 50km north of Munich. Crane operator Thomas Feder said: “It’s a great crane, fantastic handling, superb quality. The crane can be set up quickly and requires very little space. Bring on the next challenge.”
The new crane on its first job

Klema Kranverleih opened for business in 1965 when it bought a six tonne mobile crane and a forklift truck. Over the years it has developed into a company with more than 80 vehicles and developed a reputation for handling heavy loads. The company has additional outlets in Augsburg, Harpfing/Schnaitsee, east of Munich and halfway to Austria, Kempten/Allgäu due west towards the Bodensee and Stuttgart. It runs an extensive crane fleet with All Terrains, spider cranes, pick & carry cranes heavy forktruck and rigging gantries, jacks and other lifting equipment. The specialises in industry moving, and transport.


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