IPAF’s international safety committee

IPAF has created a new international safety committee to assist with the development and implementation of standards as well as the promotion of safe practice within the industry.

The new committee has been formed from the Accident Work Group of the IPAF UK Country Council, which up until this point has been responsible for compiling and analysing data from IPAF’s global accident reporting. Launched in 2013, initial incident reports predominately originated from UK members, but with data now coming in from more than 20 countries IPAF is looking to add international representation.

Current members of the Accident Work Group will make up the core of the new committee, while new representatives from around the world will be asked to join the committee. Reporting to the IPAF Council, the committee’s first meeting will be led by chairman Mark Keily of Sunbelt Rentals UK on 22nd September, with the committee expected to meet three or four times a year.
Mark Keily

Brian Parker, IPAF head of safety & technical, said: “The IPAF Accident Work Group has long worked hard behind the scenes to produce safety guidance based on the accident reporting data we have been collecting and analysing since 2013, when the vast majority of reporting at that time coming from our UK membership. With the accident reporting portal now receiving reports from more than 20 countries worldwide, and with IPAF preparing and promoting technical guidance and safety campaigns in almost 80 countries, we felt it was appropriate to expand the remit and outlook of the group.”

IPAF chief executive Peter Douglas, added: “It is clear from the latest IPAF global safety report and the difficulties faced by our industry during the pandemic, as well as new standards being developed and implemented in recent years in places such as the US, Canada, the Middle East and South East Asia, that powered access as whole will benefit from clear, consistent and independent leadership in safety globally. If any IPAF member company wishes to be represented on the new committee I urge them to get in touch.”


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