BKL MD retires

Franz Schwaiger, a managing director and chief financial officer of German crane rental company BKL, is retiring after 28 years at the helm. He will remain available as a consultant.

BKL owner and chairman Alexander Volz said: "Franz Schwaiger is one of the foundations of BKL and has not only shaped the company but has also played a decisive role in its success. I thank him on behalf of BKL, but above all personally, for his outstanding commitment and wish him all the best for his well-deserved retirement. As we would not want to miss Franz's level headed manner, his financial expertise and his understanding of our customers, partners and the industry, I am very pleased that he will continue to support BKL as an advisor."

Schwaiger is one of BKL's longest serving employees, having joined the company in 1993 as customer service manager, based at its Garching headquarters. Back then the company was still known as ED Baukran but was later rebranded as BKL Baukran Logistik. Schwaiger took over the sales role in 1994 and commercial management in 1995, becoming a company director in 2000. In 2014, he was appointed managing director and has been responsible for finance since 2018, working as part of a three man leadership team with Jörg Hegestweiler as managing director of sales, marketing, IT and human resources and Robert Popp as managing director of technology.
(L-R) Alexander Volz, Robert Popp, Franz Schwaiger and Jörg Hegestweiler

Schwaiger will not be directly replaced and BKL will now be run by Jörg Hegestweiler and Robert Popp as joint managing directors.


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