Crawler crane drops boom

A crawler crane boom and jib came down onto a multi-storey car park being constructed for a health centre in Orlando, yesterday.

The boom of the crane - a Manitowoc from the Maxim Crane fleet - buckled just above the butt/ base section, collapsing sideways onto the building which is currently being built by Finfrock Construction. Two men were hurt in the incident, with one taken to the hospital with serious injuries, although they are said not to be life threatening. The other refused and was treated at the scene from injuries relating to flying debris.

A spokesman for the health centre said: “Earlier today, a construction crane on the greater Advent Health Orlando campus collapsed into a parking garage under construction. One person was transported to a hospital and several others were evaluated on-scene. We are working with our construction partners to learn more.”
photos courtesy of the Orlando Fire Department

The videos below are from local news sources, and one includes dashcam footage of the boom going over.


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