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42 tonne Galizia

Italian crane manufacturer Galizia has launched a new 42 tonne battery powered pick & carry crane - the GF420

The GF420 features a four section main boom and can handle 25 tonnes at a maximum height of 13.8 metres and 5.5 tonne at its maximum radius of 9.6 metres. The crane can pick & carry its 42 tonne maximum capacity at a distance of 1.5 metres from the front bumper, and take it to a height of five metres. Optional outriggers provide a boost of up to 30 percent to the load chart.
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Samoco has taken delivery of one of the first Galizia GF420 pick & carry cranes

Features include 180 degree rear steer, one metre of chassis/counterweight extension and a choice of operator cabs. The boom nose can pivot from 90 to minus 30 degrees for greater clearance height when lifting in low head room environments. Optional features include radio remote controls, front outriggers, plus a range of attachments which include a 3.8 metre hydraulic swingaway extension, auto-levelling forks and a winch.

The machine's overall stowed length is 4.6 metres, with an overall width of just over two metres and a height of 2.2 metres. Total weight is 32 tonnes, however 10.5 tonnes of counterweight can be removed for transportation. Power comes from a 96v 1395Ah battery pack, powering two 12kW motors.

The first unit was sold to Dutch lifting and haulage company Jozef Hermans, while the unit recently shown at the GIS exhibition was taken by Belgian mechanical assembly company Samoco, which is part of the Sarens group.