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No trailer lift!

A reader in the Netherlands caught a team of ‘arborists’ felling a tree in Meppel - due north of Zwolle - in the Netherlands today.

The crew have arrived with a good sized Genie telescopic boom lift, loaded on a trailer that was being towed by an agricultural tractor. But, rather than bother to unload the lift, they have decided to operate it from the bed of the trailer!
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Hopefully they will make it through the day without killing anyone. The risks are high, either of the whole trailer and boom overturning or the machine slipping off the side as the machine operates. At the very least those in the basket need to be wearing harnesses. Our correspondent did not say if he was or not.
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A closer view

Definitely one for our Death Wish series.


Hard to slip off the trailer when its still chained down...

Nov 22, 2021
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