ATF 600G-8 shelved

Tadano has officially shelved plans for its 600 tonne ATF 600G-8 All Terrain crane but has said it may still incorporate the unique triple boom technology in future products.

Introduced in 2015 at a customer event at Nürnberg, the crane was particularly notable for its triple boom concept, which was said to provide a better base for cable strengthened superlift designs. Initial load chart comparisons also indicated that the crane could outperform, or at the very least lift alongside cranes working with cable tensioned boom systems. On top of this, it was a good deal simpler, requiring no installation and offering a much tighter tailswing and working footprint.
Tadano has finally shelved plans for the ATF 600G-8 All Terrain crane

Following its unveiling, progress seemed slow, while at bauma 2019 it was said to be undergoing final testing in Japan. Speaking with Vertikal.net, Jens Ennen, chief executive of Tadano's recently merged German subsidiaries, said: “We can say today that the ATF 600, as it was intended as an official product, will not be ready for the market. But the technology of the triple boom still seems interesting enough to us that we will continue to work on it in order to incorporate this into future innovations if necessary."
The triple boom concept may still be incorporated in future Tadano cranes


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