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Vale ‘Barry’ James 1932-2021

We have received the sad news that Australian crane company owner Barry James has died. He passed away on Thursday 18th November after an 11 year battle with prostate cancer, he was 89 in September.
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Barry James

Barry James Mobile Cranes was based in Ballarat, on the edge of Melbourne, Victoria, but he was probably better known locally as a successful horse breeder and trainer, having obtained his trainer’s licence in 1955, following in his father’s footsteps, something his son Glen has continued.

He also owned Barry James Smash Repairs, his first business, which he established in 1953 as Barry James Panel Beaters, when he was just 20. He added the mobile crane rental business a little while later, as it grew out of the vehicle recovery operation. He ran the two operations alongside each other for many years.
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An early image of the Barry James operations in Ballarat

He leaves behind his wife Lois and six children – Glen, Anita, Kelly, Brendan, Gavin and Lisa.