Further expansion for France Elévateur

French vehicle mounted lift manufacturer France Elévateur is adding a new 1,800 square metre modular sub-assembly hall to its plant in Flavigny sur Moselle - to the south of Nancy in Eastern France.

The plant has now reached full capacity, following the addition of an extra production line and a move to double shifts last September. Then in March its parent company acquired Spanish manufacturer Movex which had just moved into a brand new facility.
France Elévateur is adding a new 1,800sqm sub-assembly hall to its Flavigny plant

The company says that the new structure will enable it to double the current production capacity and optimise the two production lines in the current building. Half of the new building will be dedicated to telescopic boom assembly, while the other half will be used to assemble electrical installations and carry out finishing work on other incoming components.

The September expansion was intended to add 20 units a month to the previous limits, the company now says that once the new building is in service its will be able to produce six of its 12 metre van mounted lifts a day - roughly 100 units a month.


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