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Christmas risks

Spotted by a reader in the USA two men installing Christmas decorations on an overhead power line and or communication pole.

The two are using a self-propelled boom lift, so far safer and more efficient than a ladder or climbing, but rather than lift the platform a little one of them is standing on the guardrails. It does look as though the two are wearing harnesses with a relatively short lanyard, which is good, but the man on the rails appears to have attached his lanyard to the guardrails. While JLG guardrails may be good, they are not designed to take the dynamic loading of a man falling. But better than nothing.
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The big question of course concerns the power lines. Assuming they are power lines, are they still live? One has to assume that they have disconnected the power - don’t we? If they have, it is curious that the local utility company is not out in force.

Definitely one for our Death Wish series, even if its only for the guardrail and lanyard stunt, and possibly the lack of any cordoning off or traffic controls.

Have a safe weekend.