New Böcker for Staffordshire

UK rental company Staffordshire Crane Hire has taken delivery of a new six tonne Böcker AK 46/6000 truck crane.

The AK 46/6000 is not the first Böcker crane in the company’s fleet - it already runs a two tonne AK 32/2000, a three tonne AK 35/3000 and a four tonne AK 44/4000 - however it is the largest Bocker, and also the first brand new aluminium crane it has purchased.
Staffordshire Crane Hire’s first new Böcker

The AK 46/6000 is rated at eight metres and features a 33 metre four section main boom, topped by an 11 metre three section telescopic offsettable jib and a two metre extension for a maximum tip height of 46 metres. It can handle one tonne at 26 metres and 250kg at 39 metres.

Features include variable outrigger spread with automatic levelling and wireless remote controls with a colour information display. It has been mounted on a 26 tonne MAN chassis with rear axle steering.
The Böcker AK 46/6000 has a maximum tip height of 46m

Managing director Andrew Laverie said: “Having already built the business on a foundation of Bӧcker cranes, the logical next step for us was to expand our fleet with the incredibly versatile AK 46/6000. We are excited to get to work with this powerful machine, which is going to help us continue our development and open up new avenues for us. Having a fleet of lightweight machines alongside our All Terrains allows us to make continuous strides, both in terms of growth and availability. We are proud to have purchased this brand new machine, just seven years into our journey look forward to the next one."


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