More Brontos for Boom Logistics

Australian crane and aerial lift rental company Boom Logistics has taken delivery of three new Bronto truck mounted work platforms with a further five on order for delivery over the next few months.

The units included two 56 metre S56XR and a 70 metre S70XR. The company has also ordered five more new Bronto platforms to be delivered in the spring - three more S56XR’s and two S70XRs.

The S56XRs are mounted on a Scania P 410 four axle 8×8 chassis and are loaded with optional equipment such as radio remote controls, hydraulically extendable 600kg work platforms, a detachable 200kg platform mounted winch, a hydraulically driven superstructure mounted generator and an emergency back-up system on the deck.
One of the Bronto S56XRs

The S70XR is also mounted on a Scania P 410 all-wheel drive chassis and is equipped with a similar range of options including a 400kg capacity winch and 440 degree platform rotation.

All three units are also equipped with a full superstructure control station that enables safe and easy operation of the boom and platform from the ground. The heavier four axle Australian compliant chassis also allows the units to achieve more outreach than the standard European models.
The Bronto S70XR

Bob Pfitzner business manager for truck mounted lifts said: “These units are a great addition to our sizeable Bronto fleet and provide state of the art working at height technology. The new XR models have numerous enhancements including providing a more flexible working envelope. We look forward to showcasing these new units to our customers along with our continuing focus on safety and customer service.”

Boom Logistics is a publicly quoted company with 800 employees which runs a fleet of 270 cranes with capacities up to 750 tonnes plus 90 truck mounted platforms/travel towers and a number of booms and scissor lifts, all of which are available from 14 locations across the country.


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