Telehandler tip

A telehandler with a work platform overturned yesterday at the Crescent Link retail park in Derry City, Northern Ireland, with the platform landing on a car.

Given the unconfirmed information we have received, it is hard to fully understand what was going on at the time although it does though look like a clear case of overloading. The platform was overloaded with the forks left in the platform and stabilisers not set.

In the words of our correspondent: “No outriggers deployed at full reach, pallet forks in basket, overloaded and tipped on to car with man in the basket. I understand that the man in the platform was struck by the moving pallet forks. Not sure if anyone was taken to hospital but a lot of damage, no one wearing PPE and should not have been in a basket on a telehandler.”

The telehandler was recovered and left parked up on site awaiting transport. We will update this item, if and when we learn more.
The following video has just arrived:

Car crash.mov from Editor Vertikal on Vimeo.


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