Semi Automatic offshore crane maintenance

Liebherr has launched the LiMain monitoring and semi-automatic maintenance system for cranes mounted to offshore platforms.

The LiMain (Liebherr Intelligent Maintenance) system monitors service sensitive elements of an offshore crane in order to reduce downtime as well as service call-out costs. The system comprises four basic elements or modules - Condition Monitoring, Predictive Maintenance, Remote Maintenance Cycle and Automatic Greasing.

The Automatic Greasing module continuously checks moving components and automatically lubricates them as and when required. Modern sensor technology enables the Condition Monitoring module to collect detailed data about the crane and its components in real time and continually check them for wear or other issues.

Predictive Maintenance puts the ad-hoc data into context, building on the company’s digital database input from more than 1,000 offshore cranes, to trigger any maintenance or repairs etc… finally the Remote Maintenance Cycle combines the inputs from the other LiMain modules to carry out semi-automatic maintenance routines. The system also has the ability to pinpoint the optimal time to exchange or replace spare parts, while eliminating unnecessary service routines, keeping costs down and availability high.

The Intelligent Maintenance routines can be carried out without having to operate the crane on site. The company claims some significant potential savings from its test programme, such as a 75 percent reduction in visits to unmanned platforms and up to 50 fewer service days on manned platforms each year.

Application manager Stefan Schneider said: “We commit ourselves to shape the future of maintenance for our customers. LiMain will change the way they think about maintenance. The result of our commitment is an intelligent maintenance system, which solves challenges that platform operators have grappled with all around the world for years.”

Sales director offshore, ship and port cranes Gregor Levold added: “In addition to high quality cranes made in Germany, Liebherr is well known for its comprehensive customer service, which we have taken to the next level with Liebherr Intelligent Maintenance. Due to the modular architecture, our customers have the freedom to choose how automated their processes should be, meeting the specific needs of each client. In the near future, LiMain will also be available for further products in our Liebherr maritime crane portfolio.”


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